FLASHBACK: March 1960

Australia threatened to withdraw from the 1960 World Cup in England after the International Board decided the tournament would be televised.

The Australians were concerned live telecasts would eat into gate receipts, which was the case when the Kangaroos toured Britain the previous year.

But International Board secretary, Bill Fallowfield, an Englishman, said the tournament would not be a financial success without television fees.

Sydney club football was growing to such an extent, Australian Board chairman, Jersey Flegg made it clear he did not believe the game needed international football.

“We can draw our own crowds”, Flegg said. “We have plenty of players and referees.”

One response to “FLASHBACK: March 1960

  1. good series of articles Steve, featuring International and english history. I just wish international rRugby League had a higher profile now as it seems to be placed in a category of an afterthought taking place after the English & australian season has finished. I am looking forward to the World Cup which I hope gets a lot of media attention in Australia.

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