FLASHBACK: April 1973

Test forward, Col Weiss announced his retirement from representative football, but the QRL was quick to point out that while he was playing club football (for Brothers) he had to be available for the Maroons. QRL secretary, Bill Mutton said the articles of association made it clear that professional players could not dictate which games they wanted to play in.
The clause has been part of the constitution since Australian rep, Jack Horrigan accepted a captain-coach role at Ayr in 1949 and quit rep footy.
Current ARL Commission chairman, John Grant arrived back in Brisbane in April, 1973 after a stint with Warrington in England. He told reporters at the airport he was ready to play for Souths in the BRL that weekend, but Souths secretary, Ted Beaumont, who was standing beside Grant, said that would not be happening because the Magpies wanted him to rest. That’s what you call being pro-active.
It was a weird month, with Australian boss, Kevin Humphreys threatening to bar French tours because of that country’s nuclear testing programme in the Pacific. French League president, Rene Mauries said “keep politics out of sport.’
Oh. And Brisbane referees were threatening to strike for more pay.
Imagine if Twitter was around then.

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