QUEENSLANDER, Mark Harris stunned ‘grid iron’ coaches with his outstanding all round athletic ability at a training camp with the New England Patriots in Boston.
In the speed tests the Sydney Easts (Roosters) star twice did the 40 yard dash in 4.6 seconds, equal to the fastest time recorded in preceding years in grid iron. His other marks for agility tests were so high officials did not release them in case they embarrassed other rookies at the training camp.
Harris also impressed with his place kicking ability, often moving the ball 70 yards.
The Nambour product had been “discovered” at a newspaper sponsored all codes kicking competition in Melbourne where he kicked as far as Australian rules players, but not as accurately.
Harris had played six league Tests for Australia at that stage, and went on to play five more between 1975 and ’77. In other words, nothing came of his flirtation with the Patriots.

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