FLASHBACK: November 1959

Controversial refereeing decisions cost Australia dearly in the Second Test at Headingley, with Britain drawing level in the battle for the Ashes, with an 11-10 win. Referee, Ron Gelder was the talk of the Kangaroos’ dressing rooms after he disallowed a try to halfback, Barry Muir after brilliant lead-up work by Harry Wells, Reg Gasnier and Brian Carlson. Gelder, who was not well positioned, ruled Gasnier’s pass forward. At that stage Australia led 10-6, and appeared to be in control. It was an exciting match, with brilliant periods of attack and brutal exchanges in the rucks. “Punches and kicks were often deliberately used to stop dangerous players from running,” reported Australian Associated Press.

The tactics did not stop Carlson, who finished with two tries. The crowd was 30,184. Britain’s win ensured a capacity 45,000 crowd for the deciding clash at Central Park, Wigan on December 12.

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