New French tour diary installment has arrived…!

Click here to read the most recent installment in the 1955 French tour diary!

IN MAY, 1955 the second French Rugby League side to visit these shores arrived in Perth. After the amazing feats of the inaugural French touring side in 1951, there was an air of expectancy in Australian league circles. But there were also the doubters, particularly as legendary fullback, Puig Aubert was a late scratching through injury.

Following on from my 1958 Great Britain Rugby League tour diary by Tom Mitchell, click here to see Steve’ week-by-week account of the ’55 Frenchmen through the eyes of manager, Antoine Blain.
***this is not the actual Blain diary, but one Steve imagine’s would have been kept, based on media, eyewitness accounts and several French books covering the era.

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