DIARY UPDATE: Week 30, 2016

WEEK 30, 2016


Former prominent indigenous rugby league player, Max Ford phones to vent his frustration at players who have their socks down during games. My junior coaches always said, if you can’t be a footballer, at least look like one. The French league players, from their golden era, often took the field with their socks down. One old timer, told me it was because of their big calf muscles! I am Linked with Quentin Galais, Lyon rugby league. Lyon, one of France’s big regional cities, once had a strong league side. Still has a club, but in the the lower divisions.


To Blackall Range in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Lunch at Brouhaha Brewery (squid). Beer is good too. One of our youngest lad’s, Lliam’s mates established the brewery. He worked for Lliam (briefly). To Montville for dinner with couples from Marie’s Playgroup Mums’ morning tea clique. Dinner is a Christmas in July ‘thing’ – carol singers, the lot. Not really my scene. Noisy, lots of Poms (English people). Marie and I have had two Christmases in the northern hemisphere – one at Widnes in Cheshire, England in 1977 with friends; the other at Fantane in Tipperary, Ireland in 2009, at Marie’s nieces’s place. One couple from our Playgroup mob, have a son who is a pilot. Evidently the Chinese have bought the air training academy where he works. It had gone into voluntary administration.


Breakfast at ‘The Edge’, Montville with the other couples. Magnificent views. Family lunch at New Farm. Our eldest boy, Damien says former Australian rugby league skipper, Gorden Tallis praised me on Radio MMM, when talking about league journos. Said I was one of the good guys. Watch movie ‘The Monuments Men’. Better than I expected.

Photo: French players, some with socks down.

One response to “DIARY UPDATE: Week 30, 2016

  1. Hello Steve,My father and god father said the same thing about looking like a footballer. I have been trying to work out how all these players nowadays have their socks down. When did this come about? In my youth anyone who had their socks down would be reprimanded. Can you shed any light on this?Regards,Greg Mallory 

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