FLASHBACK: June 1948


Goal kicking fullback, Warwick Clarke was New Zealand’s hero as they showed tremendous grit to defeat Queensland 11-10 at the Brisbane Cricket Ground in front of a crowd of 20,812.

Just three days after defeating New South Wales Northern Division 11-7 at Armidale, the Kiwis started slowly against Qld, and trailed 8-2 at halftime.

Leading the way for the home side was fiery forward, Eddie Brosnan, who, at times, carried three Kiwi defenders as he charged through the rucks.

Queensland scored two tries (Duncan Hall and Bill Tyquin), while the tourists’ sole try was scored by Allan Wiles. Hall, originally from Rockhampton, signed with Brisbane Valleys at the start of the 1948 season. He would go on to become one of Australia’s all time greats.

Clarke landed four goals, with his kicking prowess compared to pre-war Kiwi aces, dual rugby international, George Nepia and Jack Hemi. Clarke also brought off a number of try saving tackles.

The following day the Kiwis played Rockhampton, winning 12-2, with Clarke landing three goals.

Photo: George Nepia

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