‘See you at Kevin and Beth’s’.
How many times did members of our extended family say that over the years, and we still say it, even though Beth is gone.
Kevin and Beth Donnelly were married for 42 years, and sadly, Beth passed away on October 27, 2018, aged 64, leaving behind children, Scott (married to Jacki) and Kate, as well as grand children, Olivia and Rhys.
Beth’s funeral was held at Ballina on November 2, 2018 and her brother, Mark Yates delivered a fitting eulogy.
A triple certificate nursing sister, trained at St Vincent’s Hospital, Lismore, Beth Donnelly was diagnosed with cancer in August, and told she might not make it to Christmas.
She was stoic in those final months of her life, and was visited by a host of people she has touched over the years, before succumbing to her affliction, in her beloved St Vincent’s.
Kevin and Beth held many social occasions at their beautiful house at Alstonville, including a number of family Christmas lunches. Beth was a fine cook, and her baked slices were a highlight of any get-together.
‘See you at Kevin and Beth’s’ just rolled off the tongue, and you knew time spent there would be happy and carefree, and that Beth would be the perfect hostess.
Beth and Kevin were both raised on dairy farms, and met at a dance at the RSM Club in Casino. Kevin, a hard working house painter, is a younger brother of my wife, Marie.
He and Beth were members of the Ballina 4 Wheel Drive Club, and made many trips across this wide, brown land. Beth was never happier than when she was under the stars, in ‘The Outback’.
Without wishing to be corny, it now can be said that she is one of those stars, looking down on her family.
Photo: Beth Donnelly (right) with husband, Kevin and Kevin’s sister, Marie Ricketts.

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