The terrorist attacks in London on July 7, 2005 hit close to home, given our daughter, Melanie and son, Damien were both living in London at the time, although Melanie was about to move to New York.
Melanie and Damien had contacted us soon after the atrocities, to tell us they were fine, although Damien came close to being on one of the trains that was hit.
That really hit home with my wife, Marie and she was was determined to get to London to see our kids, but I couldn’t get away, given my responsibilities as chief league writer at The Courier-Mail, with the season in full swing.
So Marie went, with my blessing, and the trip was to include a visit with relatives in Ireland and a coach trip around Europe with Marie’s close friend, Margaret Heisner. 
I fare welled Marie on August 29. Quite sad, really, and all sorts of thoughts go through your head. She was flying Royal Brunei, which I wasn’t happy about. But that’s another story.
I had to go to Broncos’ training afterwards and the Toowoomba boys were having their Mad Monday (given their season had come to a premature end), with Tony Duggan dressed as a nurse.
When Marie arrived in London (Delorme St, Hammersmith was our daughter’s address) she had dinner in Brick Lane after lunch at the Slug and Lettuce at Richmond.
The London stay included the play, ‘The Producers’ at Drury Lane (where conditions were so hot, they handed out free water); Hampton Court Palace, Borough Markets and Buckingham Palace.
Marie also made it down to Dover in Kent, to see our close friend, Maggie Dobson and her children, Jared and Hayley.
Melanie’s last full day in London concluded with a leaving party at The Mitre, Fulham. Damien was moving into new digs at Hammersmith.
Life was going on, pretty much as normal in London, and the kids and I were grateful Marie had made the trip.
Marie missed my birthday (September 6), but I had plenty of good cheer at the Dally M Awards in the Sydney Town Hall.
Photo 1: Marie Ricketts in London 2005
Photo 2: Melanie and Damien Ricketts at Richmond
Photo 3: Maggie Dobson (left) and Marie Ricketts in Dover.

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