Who would be a coach?

CowsNeil Henry may well be facing the axe at the Cowboys, but he has every right to be angry with some of his players.
Why didn’t Antonio Winterstein dive on the ball, instead of trying for a miracle pick-up late in the game when the Cowboys were in front?
We didn’t get to see Henry’s face on the Channel 9 coverage, but there was no mistaking captain, Johnathan Thurston’s anger at the error.
Andrew Johns carried Newcastle for quite a seasons. Thurston’s shoulders are not big enough to do the job in Townsville.
I hope Henry gave his men a serve at halftime, given some of the schoolboy errors, most notably a crazy forward pass out of dummy half.
If the referees were fair dinkum they would have blown a penalty for passing to a man in an off-side position.
One of Broncos unsung heroes was prop, Mitchell Dodds who, unless I mistook him for someone else, made seven tackles in a row late in the game.

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