FLASHBACK: August 1964

Police had to break-up a demonstration against rugby league referee, Keith Gray after a Valleys v Wynnum-Manly match at Langlands Park in Brisbane’s east.
Supporters of both clubs were involved in the demonstration, which was described by neutral observers as ‘disturbing’.
Wynnum president, Jim Cloherty, supported by skipper and Test five eighth, Johnny Gleeson, said their team would never again play in a game ‘controlled’ by Gray.
Valleys captain, Des Mannion had kicked a scrum penalty after the fulltime siren to give the Diehards a 17-15 win.
Wynnum-Manly prop, Ray Simpson said he had told hooker, Alan Monaghan not to strike for the ball in the final scrum because of concerns he would concede a penalty.
Simpson said Monaghan had followed his instructions to the letter.
Referee Gray ordered the first choice hookers to be moved after the very first scrum of the match, and by the end of the 80 minutes Wynnum had used five players in the position.
According to ‘The Courier-Mail’s’ Jack Reardon, there were numerous skirmishes and incidents and lots of punches were thrown.
“Most of the second half was turned into a display of unarmed combat,” Reardon wrote.
“Wynnum-Manly forward, Ron Wittenberg was carried from the field early in that second period.”
I think we should stick with uncontested scrums, don’t you?

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